Writing and record keeping in shang dynasty government

Other funerary art ran a gamut in size from tiny objects of jade or carved bone and ivory sometimes inlaid with turquoise to chariots of lacquered wood. Each king passed down their leadership so that power continued to stay in the family.

shang dynasty cities

These were not necessarily words but could have been symbols, pictograms. During the Shang Dynasty a man named Wan-Nien measured time over a one-year period by measuring the shadows throughout a day using a sun-dial and a water clock.

shang dynasty culture

Under the Shang Dynasty, the Chinese built huge cities with strong social class divisions, expanded irrigation systems, and monopolized the use of bronze. It shaped the nature of the elite: the difficulty of mastering this script made those expert in it an elite possessed of rare but essential skills Bronze weapons and pottery were commonly made, but the most prominent creations included ritual vessels and treasures, many of which were discovered via archaeological findings in the s and s.

The latter were noted for their great skill in warfare and hunting. Remove Ads Advertisement Musical instruments were also developed by the Shang.

writing and record keeping in shang dynasty government
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Systems of Rule