Write an inspirational story about discipline in schools

So they decide to part ways and leave in search of a new pond.

Self discipline stories for students

To make the sport fair, you have to wrestle in your weight class. He will take two pebbles on both hands, one will be white and the other will be black. We can run away, but then it will run after us. Here we can have a look at a few motivational stories that help students to work hard and lay their foundation for a successful life. Alas, he was wrong. Sponsored 1. But they are shocked when Lily performs well and the judges select her to represent the school. When he poured the soil, the donkey felt the load and shakes it off and he steps on it. Moral Of The Story Sooner or later, you have to let go and become independent. By then the archer releases the arrow, which misses the dove and hits the hawk, instead. In other words, if you weighed a lbs you had to go up against someone that was within a few pounds.

Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand Once a professor entered the classroom with a glass jar, rocks, pebbles, and sand. But the story clearly shows the importance of seeing an opportunity in every obstacle which might improve our condition.

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Manu, an eight year old, is sleeping comfortably in his bedroom upstairs, at the Khagal house. Read and master music is something important for Ana. One way to make self discipline easier is to wrap the hard stuff with positive habits.

Short motivational stories with moral

Unfortunately, the butterfly was not able to take flight and spend the rest of life crawling with a wounded body. He saw some wealthy merchants and courtiers passing by the road. She quickly helps Manu get ready and helps him get to his school bus. There is no longer the morning rush at the household and what seems to be common between Manu and Akhila is the calmness on both the faces. The bee starts drowning. Here is a story that talks about the challenges of learning to do things on your own, through stronger roots. Storytime, however, is one activity that your kid will not outgrow anytime soon.

He explained that he might have lost his strength or got too old to do the work. The three fishes worry about getting caught and killed by the fishermen. If you feel your child spacing out in between, pause the story and ask for predictions on what happens next.

Tom had no other choice but to show the black color pebble in his hand and set both of them free. Moral: Sometimes, life offers you situations which not only demands hard work and perseverance but some creative thinking which saves the situation.

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The lioness, as we know, is fierce, proud, and tends to look down upon smaller animals.

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Top 12 Motivational Stories for Students To Work Hard