World war 1 opinion essay

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With nearly the entire European continent fighting a barbaric and everlasting war, the U. Germany quickly took control of most of Europe and was victorious for more than two years with the "Blitzkrieg" lightning war. Most wars leave a huge impact on the history of that nation, especialy if it involves more than one. Soon the war was filled with blimps, planes, and tethered balloons. All of the reasons suggested above do play a part in why the stalemate on the Western Front was finally broken. Europe was divided into two powerful blocs. World War one, as it is now called, cost millions of lives. WWI also started the League of Nations, which was brought out internationalized thinking Above all I am not concerned with poetry. This was such a bad war because everyone in the world has allies, and the allies are in oath to help there ally when things get rough or that country is going to war. Militarism was a cause because each country was building up their weapons and ammunition, as well as building up their armies. The Western Front was a series of trenches running through Belgium.

War can take on many forms including world, inter-state, intra-state or revolutionary. Such a war, has left a deep intentaion on the American history. The assassin was a student radical associated with a Slav nationalist terrorist group known as the Black Hand, which was fighting for independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire for the empire's Slavic minorities.

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Second Edition. There were long term tensions that caused the war and there were a lot of treaties and alliances involved. It lasted 4 years over in Europe before it died down to a complete stop. The first reason for the eruption of World War I was militarism The assassination of the Archduke Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the heir of the throne of Austria-Hungary; he hoped that his sympathy for the Slavs would ease the tension between Austria-Hungary and the Balkans.

Because of this Czechoslovakia emerges as independent.

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The letters written by the soldiers talk about his or her individual problems and how they miss and love his or her families. This was a plan thought of by Count Von Schlieffen to invade France, the idea that the German's could swing round Paris capturing the City in six weeks and ending the war before the Russian's could mobilise.

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The outbreak of war was met with huge enthusiastic support for Britain and for Australia to support by being part of the war.

World War I advanced surgery to an unprecedented level through new discoveries and treatments.

World war 1 opinion essay

It has been debated among scholars as to whether the reasons for the war were institutional or by a select few powerful individuals. This paper will attempt to explore and analyze the events that took place leading up to World War I. Schartner U. It periodically resurfaces with new theories being advanced such as the Fischer thesis, usually on account of the release of previously unseen documents or because of a shift in the political climate. After a Serbian was arrested for the assassination Austria-Hungary pulled out of the peace talks and declared war on Serbia There were a number of causes of the First World War; due to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany accepted full responsibility for the war. Europe was faced with four major crises between and
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