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Early on in the process of thinking about the story I knew I wanted to tell it in the viewpoint of the younger brother. There are two specific themes I think that were important in the novel, 1. While we all see the effect in the weekly road toll figures, the impact on the living — whether physically or emotionally scarred — is more hidden.

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What Tom thinks he misses most is football, especially playing with his brother Daniel a winning partnership of halfback and five-eight followed closely by the local paper as 'The Legend of the Brennan Brothers. If this happened, what would happen to the other brother Tom?

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She was devastated about what happened because Daniel was her first child and she loved him so much and she hated seeing Daniel depressed. From there, the questions shifted away from children and onto families as a whole.

In Mumbilli, families knew each other and they hated the Brennans after the accident. But by the end, Tom could do it easy.

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Daniel is racked with guilt and blackness to the point he is transferred to the prison's crisis care unit. And here Tom's strange new life begins. Who would be more resiliant? This is the next one. On page , when the Brennans were in Mumbilli, Tom was explaining how everyone was so shell shocked. Merely guilty by association. Why do you reckon your oldies decided to come here? In the novel tom is just seventeen and has been a popular young boy who is known for his rugby skills.
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