The transformation of ordinary men into killing machines in ordinary men a book by chris browning

However, when the symptoms persisted Hoffman was eventually hospitalized and transferred out of Battalion One metalworker from Bremerhaven contented himself with the rationale that he would shoot only children, since if his partner shot the mother then the child would be unable to survive alone and killing it would be an act of mercy.

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Initailly, a minor fraction of them were members of the Nazi Party and another insignificant part belonged to the SS. Between and14 men of Battalion were indicted by West German prosecutors.

Three months before the Battalion's arrival in Poland during the early summer ofonly about a quarter of the Holocaust's eventual victims had been killed, most of them in the Soviet Union. Bitch, please!

The transformation of ordinary men into killing machines in ordinary men a book by chris browning

Several battalion members slipped away and were cursed as weaklings. Those who were unable to start shooting or to resume shooting, even two decades later, could only testify that they were repulsed by the act. There was much more I wanted to write here and now my mind is too numb with statistics reviews that I can't even say anything nice now. Most of the killing during this intense period of mass murder took place in Poland. The fact that testimonies were detailed and large enough to asses the dynamics of the group, the author can form opinions regarding the psychological circumstances that led to such an incredible transformation. Yet, they appear incredibly weak as arguments for justified murder. Battalion was sent into Poland to participate in a "special action. Indeed in some cases the situation had such an effect on members of Battalion that their mental anguish began to manifest itself in physical symptoms. Although, the atrocities of war are still present world wide, genocide was not left as a relic once World War II ended, but perpetrated into the second half of the twentieth century. Browning's reflections on those few men who stepped out right from the beginning or later, after having shot a few people, show that, as expected, he finds the Nazi propaganda very effective up to a point. A word, finally, about the quiet characters in the book -- the victims.

The other resulted from the need -- when the gas chamber or rail lines were out of order, when there weren't enough trains to transport the Jews, or when the Jews were located in inconvenient places -- to shoot the Jews in the villages in which they lived.

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Hitler just gave them the means.

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(PDF) Going Beyond Good and Evil: A Review of Ordinary Men