The life and early career of vincent lombardi

The New York Jets of the AFL were the perfect professional team for Namath, for the team did not shy away from the media attention sought by their popular and handsome quarterback.

Nicknamed "Broadway Joe" by the New York press, he quickly became known as a ladies' man. He made up for his lack of size with a determination and ferocity that sometimes stunned his teammates. Lombardi joined the coaching staff at his alma mater, Fordham University, in and enjoyed a two-year run there.

During his successful 8-year stint at St. He fought it by taking the paradox to church. He thought, I've got this temper. Louis Cardinals in the 3rd place Playoff Bowl after the season officially classified as an exhibition game.

Lombardi remembered that his father taught him that "before you can exist as an individual, the first thing you have to accept is duty, the second thing is respect for authority, and the third … is to develop a strong mental discipline," as quoted by O'Brien.

Instant Replay. Cecilia High School[ edit ] InLombardi wanted to marry his girlfriend, Marie Planitz —[48] [49] but he deferred at his father's insistence because he needed a steady job to support himself and a family; he would marry Marie the following year.

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InLombardi changed employers again, when he signed a five-year deal to head up the Green Bay Packers. On January 14,the team won its second Super Bowl in a row. The players who survived his relentless driving and gained his respect became deeply loyal to him.

He struggled with his relationship with his children, particularly his son and namesake, Vincent.

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When Pride Still Mattered: A Life Of Vince Lombardi by David Maraniss