The controversy surrounding the distribution of condoms in public high schools

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Even when condoms are available, though, there are still a number of social, cultural and practical factors that may prevent people from using them. Enter the periodical title within the "Get Permission" search field.

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The Impact of Condoms in Schools Oct. Concurrent with access to information and education about human sexuality, schools should also be offering students safe, anonymous ways of receiving condoms. This problem is causing billions of dollars and people 's futures all because schools would rather teach ignorance than the truth.

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In the early s, when New York City public schools pioneered its condom-distribution program, several parents brought a lawsuit against the school district and the Board of Education, alleging that parents should have the right to prevent their children from participating in the program.

But at the same time that we encourage sexual abstinence, we must also teach about sexual responsibility. In my county, Flagler County, we had a high rate of teenage pregnancies therefore there the prevention of unplanned pregnancies was heavily mentioned

The controversy surrounding the distribution of condoms in public high schools

Even today different issues arise that are quite similar if one takes the time to notice. Many people learn about safe sex, but there are still many unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases floating around. This would lead to fewer teenage pregnancies and fewer sexually transmitted disease. The positive effects of the condom program were small but significant. In the November issue of Educational Leadership, Thomas Lickona declared that sex education and condom availability programs have failed. Adolescents need a wide-range of sex education programs in school that give them specific information in order to develop empowered and responsible adults for preventing pregnancy and disease. Condom availability in the schools, when combined with a comprehensive program of sex education, would help teenagers become more sexually responsible. But we are glad he got that condom. With this in mind, the general public believed that smoking was not harmful at all The condoms were located in baskets next to pamphlets on condom use, HIV and abstinence Thengo Kavinya asked several people their opinion: Andrew Mulonyeni Student Malawi College of Accountacy The need to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease for those who decide to have sexual relations requires less divisiveness. Emmanuel Phiri Driver When the school tries to substitute the family as the shaper of personal values, it weakens the authority of the family. With that in mind, I would like to share the words of two of my students who have shown that they can grapple with complex moral and political issues. A Dual Responsibility As a parent and as an educator, I agree with encouraging sexual abstinence and moral character among teenagers.
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