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He is constantly praised for not only being strong and cunning physically but mentally as well. The concept of temptation is essential for The Odyssey. Odysseus is generally known as a cunning and crafty man, but he is also a man of muscle and outstanding bravery. Intelligence, and strength, are both great traits that describe Odysseus, and his weaknesses are his pride, sensuality, lack of leadership, and temptation. As a strong and wise leader, Odysseus faces all these challenges with dignity and patience while his companions give in to temptations. Characters earn it by doing deeds that could possible define who they are. Once he gets on the ship and ready to sail off Odysseus rubs the fact that he tricked the Cyclopes and escapes in his or what ever was left of his eye. There are many occasions in today's society when individuals yield to pride and stubbornness. Not only did ancient people use myths to explain the world, but myths were also used to convey the culture of a society. Odysseus: What his Decisions Say words - 3 pages Odysseus, the ever-famous Greek hero of legend and protagonist of The Odyssey, is a complex and intriguing character. It is meant to subtly show that we as humans are imperfect, that no matter how high we reach and how noble we are we are still mortals and therefor susceptible to any and all mortal weaknesses. Homer also shows that even the mightiest of men can slip and fall sometimes through Odysseus trials and tribulations. Temptation in the odyssey does more than just hint at and reinforce our humanity in comparison to the gods, it goes much deeper and starts to talk about how as humans we should act and behave.

In The Odyssey, Homer uses the siren scene to symbolize temptation in different ways. However, a theme that everyone recognizes in the Odysseus is the cunning over strength.

This theme is something that is repeated constantly throughout the Odyssey in a multitude of ways and for many reasons. Luckily, the hero stopped the eras of his men with wax and told them to bind him to the mast.

He is constantly praised for not only being strong and cunning physically but mentally as well. Although food is prominently the number one source for temptation but it is not the home run, the granddaddy of them all or the big kahuna of temptation.

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That scene makes Odysseus sound like he is just genuinely interested in meeting a Cyclopes since he never has and maybe never will get this chance again. To be a hero can mean a variety of different things.

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