Taj hotel hr functions

The group believed that talent management4 was of utmost importance to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Taj hotel hr functions

Exactly how many recruits are needed can be determined from past recruitment efforts. This resulted in repeat customers for Taj hotels. There are forums for the employees to voice their recommendation or compliment their colleagues. The thoroughness of the procedure depends upon three factors: First, the nature of selection, whether faulty or safe, because faulty, selection affects not only the training period that may be needed, but also results in heavy expenditure on the new employee and the loss that may be incurred by the organization in case the joboccupant fails on his job.

When a certain number of points were collected, employees received gift hampers, cash vouchers or a vacation in a Taj Hotel of their choice in India.

Uncertain Response: The candidates from outside may not be suitable for the enterprise.

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The following is a popular procedure through it may be modified to suit individual situation: Preliminary Interview Applications received from job seekers are subjected to scrutiny so as to eliminate unqualified applicants. Noticing that the customer, who had arrived late at night, was suffering from cold, he offered to bring him a doctor. Morale of employees is increased. At a minimum, organizations should compare the length of time applicants from each recruiting source stay with the organization with the cost of hiring from a particular source. The creation of the Taj People Philosophy displays our commitment to and belief in our people. Taj Exotica has frequent training and coaching programs to upgrade employee skills and develop them into a poly functional personality. There are forums for the employees to voice their recommendation or compliment their colleagues. They also had to take part in various leadership programs, so that they could develop in them a strong, warm and professional work culture. Overall outcomes: The HR practices followed by the Taj group had a great impact on the employee commitment and ERR Employee retention rate of Taj group was the highest amongst all its competitors. Number of candidates retained in the organization after six months. These unraveling researches finally ended up at its HR practices, which helped the researchers to fathom answers to many of these questions.

Selection is the process of picking individuals who have qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. Message refers to the employment advertisement.

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Companies calculate yield ratios yRswhich express the relationship of applicants inputs to outputs at various decision points. Employee recognition is, hence, directly linked to customer satisfaction. However only current employees are eligible. In addition filling positions with existing employees ensures to large ext6ent that these employees are socialized as to the organization's culture and personality.

Employees, whose referrals are hired, are often willing to serve as a mentor to ensure their referrals succeed in the company.

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HR Policies of Taj Hotels