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Akane visits Kotarou and Chihaya after they are attacked by a pack of hound-familiars on the street and scolds both of them while calling them an idiot couple. In addition, she wears white stockings and black Mary Jane shoes. The sixth girl acquired her powers, but did not know what to do with them. Edit Akane is known as the "School Witch" due to the way in which her desires and grudges become realities. He might have caught her attention when he forces her door open along with Kotori, and leaves a note on her desk. Akane would occasionally sneak away from the orphanage, leaving Kotarou to find her. Fraudulent misrepresentation Rewrite akane senri kawaguchi Kotarou refuses, becoming heartbroken by the fact that the Occult Club and its members will never return to how it was before.

Kotarou and Akane begin a journey to search for hope The two sing a song while walking along a field of wheat and live in the outer regions of the closed space.

Akane askes Kotarou to kill her, but he refuses, saying that he intends to take her to the closed spaceso she can live and repent for her sins.

Contents[show] Visual Novel visual novel character design official art by Itaru Hinoue Akane welcomes Kotarou in her "secret room" fixing her computer in Gaia a young Akane using her Summoning. She had gained the first girl's powers and bits and pieces of her memories, but feared them; and died shaking and alone.

rewrite akane senri kawaguchi

Edit After the events in the forest, Akane instructs Kotarou to live with Chihaya, under the protection of Sakuya.

However, one hunter snipes at the Key with an arrow, seemingly killing it.

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Akane corners a druid in the forest, having broken through her barrier and forces her to give her the Key; after obtaining the Key, Akane is driven mad by the visions of the Earth's history it shows her and gives the Key to Kotarou and Chihaya. He tells her that he will not let her die or be killed and askes her to come with him. He pierces the dragon with his blade and extends it until it cuts the Key in half. Despite not being physically fit and complaining a lot along the way, Akane did go into the forest twice with the Club. However, one hunter snipes at the Key with an arrow, seemingly killing it. She seems to be the coldest and more distant member of the Occult Club, mostly just addressing Kotarou instead of any of the other heroines. She then asks Kotarou if she has been acting strangely recently, but Kotarou denies it; she eventually breaks into tears and falls into his arms. The third girl did not fear her powers and did the same thing as the first girl, however she also met the same fate, and wondered if she'd have a successor. The authority figures at the time persecuted the girl and all of her followers; burning them at the stake. She killed all the bandits when she got older; the authority figures saw her power as dangerous and called for her execution. After Kotarou secures the Key, he comes upon an injured Takasago, then eventually engages him in battle. Her hair is the same as it is at present. A side of her hair is tied with a black ribbon.

After that, she leaves a questionnaire for Kotarou to fill in, and toys with him using different clues and notes including finding a statue of a certain fried chicken chain until he reaches the club room again.

Takasago would have killed Kotarou if not for Akane using her scout-bird to swipe away his weapon. As a child, she wears a blue-black plaid jumper with a ruffled skirt, paired with white collared shirt with gray trim.

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Akane would occasionally sneak away from the orphanage, leaving Kotarou to find her. She rewrite akane senri kawaguchi frustrated whenever Kotarou brings a new addition to the Club, but then allows him to do as he pleases, focusing more on playing video games and covering up after them than on actually providing leads or helping them investigate.

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