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For example, they might draw a picture of a flower and be asked to label the parts or write their own version of a well-known story like Goldilocks. Then there were two little fairies. So how are tiny four- and five-year-olds taught to write, and how can you help your child develop this essential skill? When this activity is first introduced, and the children see a story being acted out, many more of them will be keen to write a story the next day. They lived there. Then they found a rainbow and flied to the end of it and found a treasure and went back home. Over the course of a year, there might be a few children in the nursery who are able and keen to write a few other letters or words within their story. Writing in the Early Years From learning to hold a pencil to getting their thoughts down on paper, learning to write is a tricky milestone for children. They flied through the forest and to the moon. Our Reception children have or minute phonic sessions each day — short, intense teaching sessions — giving them the phonic knowledge that they can then apply as they choose.

In this way, even the youngest children learn that their spoken words can be transferred onto paper. In fact, there are always children writing in our nursery and Reception classes. However, the resources are always to hand, clearly labelled, well stocked and offered alongside a wide variety of mark-making implements, paper, notebooks and card.

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He found the very mean dragon and killed it, he was evil. They flied through the forest and to the moon. I fly to little Africa and you have to play there. Anna Ephgrave was formerly assistant headteacher for early years at Carterhatch Infant School. Subscribe to add to wishlist When your child is only just getting to grips with the letters in their own name, the idea of them learning to write and beginning to do some creative writing might seem far-fetched.

Quite often it is just a drawing that will be the initial stimulus for a story — a butterfly, a princess, a monster or a robot that sparks the imagination. Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be.

Helping your child learn to write There are many things you can do at home to help your child learn to write. As the child speaks and the adult writes, it is important for the former to watch, and for the adult to write exactly what the child says even if it is grammatically incorrect.

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