Ranganayakamma vs alwar setty

Fraud 4. Contingent contract - In a contract to do or not to do something, if an event is collateral, does or doesn't happen. Bilateral contract - In a contract where both the parties have performed their obligation. Any other act fitted to deceive 5.

It is unnecessary to go into the question whether prejudice or injury to sentiments, feelings or supposed spiritual welfare is also contemplated in the definition of coercion in the Contract Act. Acceptance may be given by any person in case of general offer.

I have found considerable difficulty in deciding the question whether the husband's threat to commit suicide amounts to sic as defined in Section 15 of the Contract Act.

balfour vs balfour

Muthu Karuppa: An agent refused to hand over the account books of a business to the new agent unless the principal released him from all liabilities.

Bansraj vs.

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Ranganayakamma and Anr. vs. Alwar Setti (