Pros and cons of legalizing weed essay

Pros and cons of drug legalization essay

Continue Reading. Some of the advantages associated with the use of the drug include: treatment of eye dysfunctions — such as Glaucoma, controlling seizures that result from epilepsy, reduction of anxiety, pain reliever — such as in the case of multiple sclerosis, treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and helping the brain to cope after the event of a stroke. And many others are debating whether or not to do the same. Nor does it take into account the alternate methods of administration like vaporizing , tinctures , and edibles. Smoking anything, whether it's tobacco or marijuana, can seriously damage your lung tissue. Thus individuals are afforded a relaxed sensation and detachment from a continuous state of pain and physical discomfort. Why is this drug getting more money spent on it than drugs that are highly addictive and life threatening? If it impairs your ability to drive, it is illegal for you to be driving, even if the cannabis is prescribed by a doctor or legally acquired. Too often, both the police and the court system are overwhelmed with handling individuals brought in for simply possessing marijuana.

Can they accumulate THC in their bloodstream? A controversial question has arisen from the increased popularity and troubles of this drug. After the interview I could really tell he has extensive knowledge about this topic.

Why should marijuanas be legalized

Marijuana is notable for increasing brain hyperactivity when ingested in large quantities. I don't care what you smoke" Stern. It should be legal because it has few negative effects, it serves other purposes than getting people stoned, and it is better than other drugs. Jacomino English 23 March Legalizing cannabis Marijuana or cannabis is a preparation of the cannabis plant intended for use as a hallucinatory drug and a medicine as well. A Pros and Cons Analysis Marijuana is also referred to as cannabis. This classification says that the substances have no currently accepted medicinal value. Marijuana, the most abused drug in America, has had a lot of publicity recently. The advantages associated with the use of marijuana for medication purposes, far outweigh the negative consequences associated with its use. Twenty three states and the District of Columbia has legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes in the United States. What are the debated pros and cons of medical marijuana? In spite of federal regulations, nine states have voted to legalize the growth, use, and distribution of marijuana within their borders.

A Pros and Cons Analysis College. There are many debatable questions that need the final answers such as: Should Marijuana be legalize and taxed? When isolated—such as CBD has been—these may lead to further advancements in medical treatment options without the "high" produced by the compound commonly known as THC.

Pros and cons of legalizing marijuanas

In , , people were arrested for marijuana related crimes in By , nine states and Washington, D. A users attempt at ensuring the continued state of hyperactivity leads to further usage of the drug, and hence addiction. There are several reasons why it is illegal, because of government propaganda and big industry not wanting to lose money, but this will be discussed later. Chemical elements extracted from the marijuana drug aided in relieving patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, of their pain. Those are some of the pros. The same debate swirls around cannabis smoke. It is thought that once a person tries marijuana, he is more susceptible to trying harder, more dangerous drugs. There are many that have taken sides including medical personal and government officials. Primary reasons against legalizing marijuana include: Social Reasons Much in the same way that pro-life advocates seek to make abortion illegal for all based on moral grounds, so too do some Americans wish to make marijuana illegal because they believe its use is immoral. The areas…. The drug triggers the release of selected chemicals in the body, which provide assistance for achievement of a stable emotional predisposition. Marijuana has the potential of calming the brain, which enables one maintain a relatively high degree of control over the occurrence of seizures. In the s, marijuana was linked publicly in several research studies, and via a famed film named "Reefer Madness" to crime, violence, and anti-social behavior. Other numerous drugs are proven not to have the ability of easing the pain associated with such muscle pain Holland, Murray and Reingold, 4.

Studies have shown that pharmaceutical cannabis can decrease nausea caused by chemotherapy used to treat cancer and almost completely eliminate vomiting. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

pros and cons of decriminalizing weed

Many Americans believe that the drug should be legalized for various reasons; others, however, are against the legalization of the dangerous drug

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Essay on Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana