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Visitors to Singapore are impressed with this factor, the most. Human Resource management plays a prominent role in this labour intensive industry. Ecological tourism on the other hand, can lead to more positive impacts and less negative ones. The Oil India maintains a very good golf course in the industrial town of Duliajan. The World Travel and Tourism Council have identified India as one of the foremost growth centres in the world in the coming decade. It may be noted that eco-tourism is yet to come to the take-off stage. Domestic tourism is estimated to be much higher than international tourism and has also been rising rapidly. There are a range of impacts from hiking, trekking, and camping that directly affect the activity area. Entertainment and recreational facilities will allow for more opportunity to socialize and engage with each other. As with most recreational activities, hiking and camping generate waste, including food scraps and human waste. With its dense forests, uneven topography, flora and fauna, snow-clad Himalaya, Blue hills, crystal clear streams, majestic water falls, and large number of national parks, tiger projects, bird sanctuaries etc. Even after 64 years of the country's independence, same kind of central apathy is being continued to the region. Can be carried by people through shoes and gear; pets and other animals can spread the seeds through their travel as well. In addition, gambling and prostitution is increased due to tourists looking for a "good time". There are also indirect impacts such as shoreline construction of superstructure and infrastructure.

The Department of Tourism initiated a programme to train tourist guides. River-rafting, kayaking and mountain climbing in the Himalayas, rock climbing, skiing in the snow-covered hilly areas, boat racing in Kerala and paragliding are some favourite adventure sports of tourists.

Tourism can show one what makes up certain peoples cultures and opens the eyes to something new.

Tourism potential of india

All this because, the fast moving life they lead, leaves no scope for the finer nuances of life. Tourist activities[ edit ] Turtle riding was a popular tourist activity in the s and s. These are pull and push factors. Some researchers will argue that some of the negative impacts of tourism might be avoided and the positive impacts maximized through community participation in the planning process. There are many negative direct environmental impacts caused by recreational diving. It is one of the world's fastest growing industries, a major source of foreign exchange earner of a nation and a measure for resolving inter state and inter community conflict. Songs and dances, display of colourful dresses, tasting of innumerable varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes mark these festivals. Commodification of culture[ edit ] Commodification of culture refers to the use of a cultural traditions and artifacts in order to sell and profit for the local economy. From one end to the other, the state offers to the tourists so many places of natural beauty with wide variety that very few places in the world can compete with it. Spotlessly clean streets and sparkling facilities clearly depict a high sense of discipline and hygiene.

Sarma N. The inglorious projections which our country receives abroad is primarily for lack of these facilities.

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Hospitality and Tourism industry is still at infantile stage in our country with tourist arrival, in the global context, a meager 0. One has to recognize that some tourists may more than one interest and may like to combine various aspects of tourism described above. Community participation strengthens communities and help to create a sense of belonging, trust and credibility among members.

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The ancient history of our culture has left behind exquisite monuments and temples together with archaeological finds for the tourist who is interested in them.

Facility impacts[ edit ] Facility impacts occur when a regional area evolves from "exploration" to "involvement" and then into the "development" stage of the tourist area life cycle. Unfortunately, the agencies which should advice tourists in foreign countries including our Embassies and High Commissions do not provide the necessary details on these spots.

Provision for deposit, collection, and removal of waste will also have a direct impact on the local environment.

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All this because, the fast moving life they lead, leaves no scope for the finer nuances of life.

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Prospects and Problems of Tourism Industry in Assam