Naplan writing assessment criteria narrative

Linear structure — Chronological telling of the story.

Naplan persuasive writing marking guide 2018

You should know your audience well; it may be much more specific for Persuasive writing than Narrative. To improve your spelling in time for NAPLAN, try and add at least one of the following to your normal routine: Explicitly studying spelling rules and patterns for example, I before E except after C. Do Plan your ending before you start writing. One such scaffold that is commonly used is the five paragraph argument essay. These magazines are no longer available to download electronically and completion of the reading relies on school copies. In fact, mixing up the structure of your story can help your response to stand out to the markers, which is never a bad thing! Thesis statement: clear statement of your position on the topic. Conclusion 1 paragraph The purpose here is to conclude the argument and reinforce your position. This is a typical orientation-complication-resolution story structure. It is clear that she knows where this story is going right from the start.

It can be argued there are benefits and limitations to living in the city and living in the country. You can do it!

Naplan marking guide 2018

Setting Within your narrative, you should try to establish a vivid setting — that is, one that comes to life on the page. Regularly remind yourself of the question as you continue writing your response. Try and aim for at least 10 minutes of silent reading time per day. If possible, get feedback from a teacher or tutor. The purpose of the Sample tests is to provide students several opportunities to practise possible test questions and items. Spelling and grammar It goes without saying that to achieve a Band 8 or above in writing, you need to ensure your spelling and grammar are spotless or close to being so. However, being able to identify multiple perspectives within the same issue is no easy feat!

Figurative language devices can be your best friend here. It can be argued there are benefits and limitations to both books and TV.

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Teachers are encouraged to draw upon these resources flexibly to address the specific needs of their students. So there you have it! They include categories common to all forms of text e.

2017 naplan writing prompt

You can do it! In the Writing section, you will be given a stimulus and a question. Students are required to write their opinion and to draw on personal knowledge and experience when responding to test topics. For a list of language devices, click here. A great way to end a persuasive text is to link back to the introduction. Informative A piece of writing designed to inform readers about a particular topic. Students who spent a little extra time brainstorming, on the other hand, may have come up with more original ideas, such as: Being found out — being caught in an embarrassing lie Lost and found — an unusual item turns up in the lost property box Finding out — finding out you are adopted A real find — finding something really valuable at the op shop Finding your passion — discovering something that you love doing. While description can be crucial, at the end of the day you do have a plot to follow. You will also be judged on how well you can match your word choice with your chosen genre. Circular or elliptical — Starts and ends in the same place but the ending suggests that there is an epiphany or realisation. Parallel — Two story threads running at the same time but from different perspectives. The reasons for either side of the topic are likely to elicit logical, practical reasons and personal anecdotes based on the writer's experiences of both books and TV. Linear structure — Chronological telling of the story. How can I make sure my ideas stay relevant?
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