M.phil thesis submission form

If you choose to do this, you should apply as early as possible and certainly before the stage where Examiners would normally be appointed for your MPhil submission.

I submitted my thesis two yyrs back in ,September. Name and Address of the student 2.

thesis submission guidelines

Affiliated Colleges Application for submission of Synopsis. The candidates should ensure that the Title chosen by them falls under. However, during the course of the year, circumstances can change and if, for instance, you find additional funding for an additional two or three years, and you wish to stay for a PhD degree, you can explore two possibilities: If you have time and funding for a further THREE years, you may submit a dissertation for the MPhil Degree and apply to continue for the PhD Degree for a further three years; you would be formally examined for the MPhil and, if successful, take the degree and continue as a probationary PhD student; or If you have time and funding for only TWO more years, you can apply through your CamSIS self-service for permission to change your Registration from the MPhil to probationary PhD.

Phil degree in the subject of any University If before submission of the thesis. Subscribe to this RSS feed. You do not need to be over exact in calculating your submission date, provided that you adhere to your deadline for submission.

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Part I The fee for Rs.

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