Marketing plan for etihad airways

This will require an additional budget.

Marketing plan for etihad airways

However, considering the Middle East region, there are other competitors of this company. Loyalty programs should provide discount to their corporate clients with getting up to date with their customers.

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You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.

For ease of customers, Etihad Airways has developed very streamlined processes and operations. Etihad provides quality in-flight entertainment services to its clients meeting their comfort. The company also has another competitive advantage by virtue of it having its own private terminal that is found at the Abu Dhabi International Airport and this makes it to be in a better position as compared to its competitors that operate to and from Abu Dhabi. All the mentioned airlines have great contribution to the nationalized economy of the U. The company is headquartered at the capital city of U. Etihad had sponsored in lots of sport teams and made the stadium as a part of sponsor for the other countries partnership well fare program. Based on conors football team sponsors. This digital gate enables the travellers to do many things and stay in touch with the company, such as offering online booking, advanced seat selection, meal selection, online check in prior flights, and online flight status, in addition to, interactive tours through the company facilities introducing all the travellers touch points with useful information. People strategy is another strategy adopted by this organization to achieve its desired market competitiveness. In the future, it is recommended that Etihad Airways keeps its current place strategy and but also add to the number of branches and more general sales agents to its list. Catering is not benchmarked against other airlines, but five-star hotels and restaurants. From above it is visible that Etihad Airways Marketing team has taken a lot of effort and to create a positive vibe for its customers through tangible assets so as to add to the whole experience gained by the passenger while travelling Etihad Airways. Loyalty programs should provide discount to their corporate clients with getting up to date with their customers.

Abu Dhabi is rapidly undergoing development and heading towards the direction of becoming the hub in the middle of tourism and business. More over Etihad Airways can have a baggage at the door pick up for it passengers. Then providing and communicating the service or product.

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Opportunities: - The increasing popularity of Etihad allows it to enter new markets through strategic alliances.

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Marketing Strategy Of Etihad Airways