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Or change the cost-of-living adjustment. The ratio fell to 3.

is social security going broke

For now, the government is covering the shortfall the way it pays for other things: by borrowing, collecting income tax and printing money. What is virtually certain is that the benefits that almost all Americans become entitled to and most depend on will be continued into the future with modifications deemed appropriate by their elected representatives in the Congress.

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This report shows the long-term actuarial deficit as 2. Social Security was created to help benefit retired workers, spouse and children of deceased workers, as well as workers who have become disabled before retirement.

Social Security was first created to help aging Americans in their senior years so they would not end up in poverty.

This is an effective, and pretty intuitive, option.

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Read: These are the best new ideas in retirement If the point of those who regularly repeat these stylized facts is to scare people, they have certainly succeeded. By Columnist Is Social Security in a crisis? The U. It is this apparently permanent shift to lower birth rates in the United States that is the principal cause of our changing age distribution between and and the resulting shift in the ratio of beneficiaries to workers. Trust fund levels expressed as a percent of annual program cost were presented earlier for the three alternative projections. It most certainly does, and the sooner that changes are enacted the easier it will be. The question is: How should the U. If nothing is done, Social Security can still pay out 79 percent of the promised benefits. Forty credits are necessary to receive a retirement benefit. The future is unknowable, and uncertainty can certainly be scary. The problem is that the ratio of American workers to American retirees has been falling for decades, and since Social Security has been running on a deficit in the billions. The latest report prompted the usual media headlines about Social Security going bankrupt, which is misguided thinking. The second considers whether the current structure of the program, with a defined benefit reflecting career-average earnings levels and a flat payroll tax up to a specified earnings level, is viable for the future.
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Social Security Insolvency: When And What To Do