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This problem causes other problems as listed below You have also learned to stop at a red light and understand road signs. Illiterates are concerned about this because it formed a basis for their general knowledge, and the consequence of not having a good education is that they cannot apply for a job that involves either read or write or both of them, normally both.

Although it could be the students themselves. Lack of education makes people unqualified for so many job opportunities.

However, illiteracy not just affects the social development but self esteem. Although the literacy rate in the country has enhanced to But the Right to Education still needs to be extended so that we reach not only the children but also include the adult population of the country. Those who can not read and write may not realize how harmful illiteracy could be to both themselves as well as others. We spend time obsessing over those with AIDS but we have more pressing issues than just that one. They could have the choice to drop out, show up to school every once in a while, or just not pay attention. The scheme has found popularity both in rural as well as urban areas. Essay Topic: Effects The Effects of Illiteracy Literacy is defined as the ability when reading, writing and working with basic numbers. Importance of Education as Mentioned in the Constitution of India: The importance of education has been recognised by the Constitution of India as well. Unemployment can also be related to illiteracy in India. Even in rural areas where the rules are put into practise, parents from poor families put their children to work so that they could assist in piling more income. Lack of proper sanitation is another reason for children dropping out from schools. Causes of Illiteracy There are many reasons of illiteracy in India.

However, illiteracy not just affects the social development but self esteem. This is another great contributor to illiteracy in India. There are two effects of illiteracy: illiteracy creates an obstacle to their development as well as a function on society and toward their self esteem.

A study at how the constitution can help to improve cases of illiteracy in Mexico The Constitution Lives On The Constitution of created a clear demarcation between the policies before the Mexican Revolution and the policies after the revolution. It feels such a shame that the country which was an ideal for other countries,has high illiteracy rate.

Does it represent those minorities struggling in communities. Apart from that, awareness in people must be created so that they study and make their career in life.

illiteracy essay

J Adv Nurs. Possible Solutions It is only through free or lower cost of education and grants, and assurance of job after studies a person can be motivated to study.

essay on effects of illiteracy
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