How to apply a chemical relaxer

Overlapping is common and leads to breakage. Go longer than 12 weeks post-touchup and you may experience more shedding and breakage than usual.

Unfortunately, some of the warning signs a relaxer is damaging your hair are commonly accepted.

How to relax hair without relaxer

Don't worry about the water bill because you need to rinse as thoroughly as possible. Previously relaxed hair is permanently straightened, it doesn't require additional chemical processing. Del Sandeen is a freelance writer with over 20 years of experience behind her, who specializes on the issues facing black women today. Use the buddy system, and if your friend or family member is relaxed, you can help her out when she's due for a touchup. If you apply a relaxer to hair that's already relaxed, you'll most likely experience breakage and damage due to overprocessing. To blend any under-relaxed areas with the rest of your hair, wet sets will help as your tresses grow along with plenty of conditioning and light applications of smoothing serums once your style is set. You might develop sores due to a reaction to the chemicals, no matter how long they're left on your head. Because of the damage, hair doesn't hold onto moisture the same way, which leads to serious dryness. Chemical abuse is real and the effects can be permanent.

The neutralizing shampoo will change color usually from pink to white to indicate that all of the chemicals have been washed out of your hair.

If you have a jar of Vaseline handy, dab it on the listed areas, including your scalp parts, to minimize irritation. Proceed With Caution Just because relaxer kits are inexpensive and readily available, you should still use caution when using them.

Despite what you may have been told, burning is not normal.

how to relax your hair for guys

Take a good look at your supply list and have everything within reach. Continuing to hold off relaxing and not keeping up with protein can lead to breakage.

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10 Tips on Relaxing Black Hair at Home