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The relationship between the two men gradually mutates from hostile suspicion to grudging respect to loyalty and trust, an evolution mirrored by the players. It's a valid point - a more hard-hitting approach towards bigotry would have curdled the formula and made the film feel disjointed and out-of-focus.

But the white T.

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Truly inspirational with great performances all round and based on a real life story! Was this review helpful? Families can talk about the arguments Boone and Yoast have about how to motivate the team in Remember the Titans. Remember the Titans United States, This is the kind of movie in which people say things like, "Is this even about football anymore or is it just about you? Williams High School has just been integrated. Is society more color-blind now? Patton are strong, complex enough presences to make up for the script's deficiencies. That crowd of cheering blacks on Boone's front lawn--have they so quickly forgotten the team and coach they used to cheer? In the real world, such questions would be what the story was all about.

In reality, there's probably more truth in an entirely fictional account like The War Zone than there is in a movie like this, where events have been massaged to make for a compelling two hours in a theater.

But at the start of football camp, Coach Boone won't take any racial diversity.

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Tweet "Remember the Titans" is a parable about racial harmony, yoked to the formula of a sports movie. Weren't they in a black high school last year? But when Coach Boone and Coach Yoast prove that the Titans are a winning team, the issue of race is erased and the true meaning of teamwork is born. How have times changed since ? Its moral and sports parts go well hand in hand and make the movie what it is. Even by sports movie standards, there aren't a lot of women on the scene. His trademark is to make glitzy, accessible movies for wide audiences. His power to mesmerize and inspire as a performer works perfectly with his role as a coach who can capture the attention and loyalty of these teen boys. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't. It includes some salty football-coach lingo and some rough gridiron action.

Weren't they in a black high school last year? There are times when Boone treats his players more like Marines than high school kids, and Yoast tells him so. And, in a place like Alexandria, where every resident lives and dies with each game, the composition of the T.

His trademark is to make glitzy, accessible movies for wide audiences. Some of the scenes -- a locker-room dozens session, in which the players achieve solidarity by insulting one another's mothers -- feel a bit phony, but Mr.

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But it has everything to do with the movie's sleight of hand, in which we cheer the closing touchdown as if it is a victory over racism.

Like all great coaches, Boone and Yoast teach the team that they have it within themselves to be great as well.

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