Essay on foreign employment in nepal

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As there has been an increment in the number of Nepalis going abroad in the recent years, there is also an increase in the death toll. This is normal and an inevitable feature of humans. This is due to the remittances. This is high time to holistically address the complex problems and grave situations of Nepalese immigrants from diplomatic and policy level both by the sending countries and the host countries. The following should be done to utilize such money. A large number of Nepalese people go abroad to work in the absence of fruitful local employment in the country. For this purpose the National Labour Migration Policy would be implemented. Improved systems in remittances management and in providing due recognition to returnees will help in achieving this objective. Shanker Sharma, former vice chairman of National Planning Commission. After drawing out the key drivers and constraints around both the costs and benefits of labour migration for inclusive growth, the report provides recommendations for government, external agencies, civil society and the private sector. High concentration of migrant workers in low-skill job categories and moving to a few destinations. An effective labour market information system, networking all stakeholders, will have to be established so that the global trends in the labour market could be monitored and updated and accurate information provided to stakeholders to enable them to make decisions effectively. Although the downfall of oil prices does not have immediate threat for foreign employment, it does pose a long term threat. Similarly, many Nepalese have emigrated to different cities of India on seasonal basis or permanently.

However, the Board did not elaborate how the Nepalese died in foreign countries, whether due to accidents or other diseases. So, they do not get the offered jobs and treated as illegal immigrants. The high percentage of low-skill migrants lead to low average levels of remittances.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Labour and Employment quipped that he heard through news reports that the new laws would make it easier for the workers to obtain an exit visa and apply for work elsewhere.

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Nepalese migrants are compelled to sign a fake agreement letter where all the fundamental rights of migrant workers are prohibited People of the world are moving from one place to another from the beginning of the civilization in search of better opportunities for a better quality of life.

Due to lack of sufficient job opportunity in internal labour market, aboutyouths have gone overseas till Asar Overseas job opportunities continue to be a vital source of employment, reducing the pressure on authorities on account of the unemployment issue in the country, especially among the unskilled females and youths.

Essay on foreign employment in nepal

It cannot be denied that the opportunity Nepali workers get to work in Qatar and other countries is valuable. Nepal has bagged about 10 million rupees remittance every year. Most of the migrants have a lack of realistic information about the country of destination. Moreover, Nepal Government should be capable of proper implementation of existing policy and other several things for the regulation and management of migrants. Yearly, some , youths have been flying abroad for employment. Although such a movement may be necessary in this globalized world, sometimes it can be quite traumatic. Remittances have been playing pivotal role by relaxing foreign exchange constraint, increasing contribution to GDP and strengthening the balance of payment situation of the country. What works should be done to utilize such money appropriately? Foreign employment and inclusive growth in Nepal: what can be done to improve impacts for the people and the country? Although over half a million Nepalese are also working in India, there is no record of their casualty there. The government, however, has not been able to keep tab on the death toll of the Nepalese working in India and working illegally in other countries as it has no exact data and details of such migrant workers. Discrimination against migrants in the field of employment takes many forms. Going from one country to another country for job and to earn money is called foreign employment. Such industries provide job opportunities in the country. There has been an increment in the number of Nepalese going abroad in the recent years.

The challenges seen in foreign employment are: 1 The employees are forced to work for long hours without holidays and often paid no wages.

What works should be done to utilize such money appropriately? This would ensure free-flow of information on labour migration to all stakeholders and establish a speedy and flexible recruitment process.

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