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Usually, pandemics cause health issues for the general public and they are addressed through medical means and with the aid of doctors. This is followed by the identification of qualified personnel or volunteers who will be responsible for various aspects of disaster response.

Social change always is not for better depending on affected population resources Oliver, Preparedness Factor: The best use of disaster management has to be the fact that it can help you be prepared for it. We noticed irregularities in the management of State Disaster Response Fund. Quick response entails the following: a.

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Emergency management preparedness is nothing new to this country. Health safety is emphasized during public education. Psychosocial care deals with a broad range of emotional and social problems and helps in restoring social cohesion as well as independence and dignity of individuals and groups. Essay on Disaster Management Essay 4 — Words Disaster management is often the need of the hour and it is something which people truly need to be proficient in. This phase encompasses three overlapping phases of 3Rs: a. Unlimited Construction on Fragile River Beds: River beds are meant for rivers but due to unregulated developmental activities, haphazard constructions took place near river beds to cater to increasing number of tourists. When trees are cut, the soil is devoid of their roots which are responsible for holding the soil together. BSF made temporary bridges like foot bridges, rope bridges, Jhoola Put suspension bridge on mountaineering patterns for connectivity. Usually, pandemics cause health issues for the general public and they are addressed through medical means and with the aid of doctors. Deforestation for the purpose of creating homes and industries reflects the short-sightedness of human race. The state government did not have adequate evacuation capabilities. Recent example is the case of Uttarakhand floods June where international organisations found it hard to immediately get government approval to start work. Whatever the modernity of our response to natural disasters, if we are unable to create a balance in our environment, we will face the dullness of nature. Our biggest military base very close by and precautions have been put into place to protect the citizens in this area. For India, the major hazards are earthquakes, landslides, drought, cyclones, floods, forest fires, fire accidents etc.

Minor man made occurrence of disasters may include accidents on the roads or trains, riots, industrial riots, food poisoning, and environmental pollution. Preparedness involves drafting of plans, developing communication systems, public education and exercises.

India is a disaster prone country. Decision-making is the major responsibility of a disaster manager, regardless of his or her functional area or level in the organization Disasters cannot be stopped but disaster management can be strengthened.

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