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Producers of Erasing Hate followed Bryon and Julie and family for two years, throughout the entire tattoo removal process. Bryon and Julie faced death threats and constant harassment. After that experience, Fleischer realized he could combat other hate instances across Montreal.

Bryon remained haunted by the cruelty he had shown to others.

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Bryon and Julie packed up the family and fled from Michigan to Tennessee to start a new life. Erasing Hate has expanded across Canada and to some locations in the United States; Fleischer hopes to expand his movement to Europe next year. Cataloging For 16 years, Bryon Widner was a racist skinhead. Interweaved is Bryon's back story. Finally Bryon was presented an ultimatum by his skinhead gang - us or them. It all began one day when Fleischer was driving through downtown Montreal on his way to a job when he noticed a swastika overlooking a busy intersection. Part of what drew Bryon and Julie together was a common bond - both were becoming disenchanted with what they saw as hypocrisy in the white power movement. Bryon chose his family. Among his multitude of facial tattoos was an image of blood dripping from a straight edge razor Bryan's weapon of choice.

If my work speaks to just one person, than it will have been worth my time. The tattoo signifies the willingness to kill for the white race. With financial support from the Southern Poverty Law Center, in early Bryon began the long and grueling laser tattoo removal process at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Bryon and Julie packed up the family and fled from Michigan to Tennessee to start a new life.

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Each treatment shows the extreme suffering Bryon endured, and can be seen almost as his penance for a hate filled past. He began his movement online, inspiring people to report any instances of hate crime or anti-Semitism across the city, and promised to have it removed within 24 hours, free of charge.

Now, with Erasing Hate, he hopes to pay his experiences forward.

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Julie soon gave birth to Bryon's first biological child, a son named Tyrson. But escaping the white power movement was not easy.

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Erasing Hate: Corey Fleischer’s Battle against Anti