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Ensure social provision of services such as education or health so that income matters less. But more needs to be done to ensure banks can continue to support business, especially small firms: The reduction in non-performing loans has been slower for small and medium-sized banks.

We need a values-based economic revival and gender equality should be one of those values.

Economic questions for 2018

This process is just starting. They are low and one of the reasons why so few women work in a number of regions. Nicholas Jun 4th , pm 9 — Why is youth unemployment so high? What is wrong with encouraging early retirement to free up job opportunities for young people? How can Italy become less vulnerable to higher interest rates? Also set up regional research centres that act as magnets for new start-up companies and therefore jobs and investment. Instead of acceding to the unfair trade and investment regime that is being codified, strengthened and enforced by the WTO, free trade agreements such as the transpacific partnership and other neoliberal economic agreements, we need to abandon neoliberal globalization as a framework for development and international relations. The consequence of this new tax rate is that it would prevent firms from squeezing wages indefinitely in search of ever higher profits as a tipping point would eventually be reached where their tax bill started rising faster than the gain in profits. More macroprudential regulation, including pro-cyclical bank provisioning. In this respect it is not possible to limit it in a sustainable way. What does an aging and slow growing population do to your economy? CGT on all housing, including primary residence. This is about wages. It is my suspicion that capitalism proceeds by vicious competition from one crisis to another and in this process no balance, in the sense of socio economic harmony, ever asserts itself. As most minimum wage jobs are based in service sectors with no international competition, there will be no great loss of jobs as a result, but there will be greater income equality.

How do we reduce our Gini coefficient? How do we ensure that the volume of capital stock in the country increases at the same rate as real GDP? Past Surveys have recommended improving public procurement and fighting vigorously corruption.

Tricky economics questions

The OECD is then recommending the Italian government to spend more on measures to lower poverty and increase employment than what the government has planned on doing. What does a full-employment U. The next Economic Survey of Italy is scheduled for In other words, most Americans, even those with college degrees, are treading water—despite working more productively and being better educated than ever. The same model I outlined for raising wages vis-a-vis profits could be applied to the balance between investment and profits. Nicholas Jun 4th , pm 9 — Why is youth unemployment so high? How do we maximize long-term sustainable growth rates?

A diverse and resilient tax base can be made, among other lesser things, by reducing unemployment. So how is unemployment reduced?

economic questions to ask

What does the Survey recommend on migration? Read More We're economists writing about economics: Karl Smith and Adam Ozimek are both economists by training, and at heart.

Italy is a founding member OECD, which for more than 50 years has worked closely with successive Italian governments to provide policy advice and share good practices.

Eliminate poverty and create decent work and livelihoods for all; 3.

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Then stop at that point. Implement binding regulations for transnational corporations to ensure their accountability for the social and environmental consequences of their operations through every stage in the value-chain; 7.

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The Five Biggest Open Economics Questions To Me