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Ebay formed an alliance with Paypal long ago that gave it a unique, secure payment system.

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Amazon also falls in the top quartile of this group while eBay is in the bottom quartile with a group average of Other companies are stronger in other countries as well which hurts eBay. However, EBay's brand is the best strategy against this type of competition. Regional low cost online retailers. The business operates in 37 countries. Pursuing similar growth strategies may turn out be very useful for eBay. Sophisticated infrastructure and the global scale of operations 3. The recommendations in this case are intended to strategically respond to the internal factors and external factors in the industry environment. Opportunities for eBay External Strategic Factors This aspect of the SWOT analysis model identifies the external strategic factors that facilitate or support business growth and improvement. With a current workforce of about 33, people, more than 16 billion dollars was generated in revenue in the year , and a net profit of 2 billion dollars was recorded. Threats Online security. Company number Managers must ensure continuous improvement of competitive advantages to address the external strategic factors in this aspect of the SWOT analysis.

Towards the end of the yearthere were over million active members of the platform. Ebay built its business on trust and the niche market of developing customer-to-customer relationships. Patent infringement and other lawsuits against the company eBay SWOT analysis Strengths First mover advantage has been traditionally a major strength for eBay.

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Making a disruptive innovation in online retail industry 2. Likewise, it entered the Indian market in ; however, could not create any significant market position till today. Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart. This external strategic factor is a growth barrier in the industry environment. The growing number of mobile shoppers represents a huge growth opportunity for PayPal as its one of the few payment systems that meets the requirements for convenient shopping and payment processing on the go. These alliances will give Ebay the ability to sell branded products in a similar manner as its key competitor, Amazon. Managers must ensure continuous improvement of competitive advantages to address the external strategic factors in this aspect of the SWOT analysis. Particularly, the first mover advantage in online auctions has enabled the company to become a multi-billion company within a matter of a few years and ensured market leadership of the business.

This trend was also seen in other countries as well. The business operates in 37 countries. Brand reputation.

Breach of security 3.

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These all predict bullish growth for EBAY in this time period. Expanding into new markets provides opportunities to make sales in areas that it did not have before. Organizational culture of experimentation and entrepreneurship Weaknesses 1.

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eBay SWOT Analysis