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Thank you for sharing it with us. Words and phrases with similar meanings: busy, bustling. Here, as there is no hyphen between the two words, it is difficult to interpret the two words, 'man and eating', as a compound adjective man-eating.

The cake is tasty. Example sentence: York is a historic British town which is very popular with tourists.

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Tilen on March 17, pm really useful list. But, the adjective 'beautiful' is an opinion or a general adjective that may differ from person to person.

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Descriptive adjectives are the largest class of the three most prominent types of adjectives. They function to express quality. Example sentence: Istanbul is a huge city, with over thirteen million inhabitants. Example sentence: Oxford is a charming English city, which is steeped in history. On the other hand, 'green' is a specific adjective that defines an emerald. Example sentence: New York is a busy, bustling city. A beautiful, green emerald.

What are Adjectives? B is taller than A comparative degree e.

Descriptive adjectives

Katie on March 15, pm Thanks for this! Stop making those embarrassing mistakes! How about a list especially for young readers? The following table highlights some common examples: aggressive. In order to improve your language and vocabulary, you can also look for synonyms of these adjectives and use them in speech or writing. Donald C. Pithy is pretty good as well. There is always a linking verb that connects the subject to the predicate adjective. Specifically, adjectives describe the action, state, or quality that nouns refer to. You don't need transport to get around. Whitehead on December 13, pm To the 4 writers and the editor!

Coming your way are manuscripts populated with fecund protagonists, mendacious antagonists, didactically sagacious guardians, and platitudinous sidekicks.

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List of Descriptive Adjectives for Appearance, Feelings, and More