Creons mistake in antigone

In like manner, the Creon in both versions plays the same antagonist but different characterization.

peripeteia in antigone

He cannot imagine that anyone else can be right. Besides a person of high estate, he is also the symbol of man in general and capable enough against his enemy.

Creon is stubborn and reluctant to back down from his laws.

Creon from antigone

Antigone, a resolute and heroic female protagonist, pits her individual free will against the intractable forces of fate and against the irrational and unjust laws of tyrannical man like Creon. This play was written by Sophocles, a historic playwright during the 5th century. But when Antigone is going to be stoned to death, she decides to follow her against Creon. One is pliable, absorbent, and soft while the other is hard and resistant. But I will still stand in front of you, the jury, and defend my client. Antigone, one of the daughters of Oedipus flouts at the order of Creon and gives Polynices the hurried burial; and act which affords the play in a tragic theme. After reading the whole story, the writer suggests that the tragic hero is Creon, because he has a flaw, self-destructive pride. The second conception of Greek tragedy is thematic significance.

Levin, Richard. He appears from the beginning till the end of the play, whereas Antigone appeared up to the middle of the play.

When Creon is talking to Teiresias, he thinks that he is being paid off. Besides sad even or situation, tragedy is also imitation.

Finally, Creon has his anagnorisis and realizes that his hubris has brought his downfall.

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The Tragic Downfalls of Creon and Antigone in Sophocles'