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So government must look into these matters and should formulate a better policy so that one can get treatment at a reasonable price. The government must improve the structure of Indian govt hospitals, Cleanliness, Proper Sanitation, infrastructures, Awareness, Some proper working of Regulatory boards, these are the things which we need to implement into our govt hospitals to change the image made to everyone. People from round the globe are choosing India as there medical destination not because of above facilities mentioned but because they are chaeper than other commercialised hospitals across the world. IMedicalHub Health Records is an initiative to offer compete healthcare online and make the general people able to track their complete health anytime, anywhere with an ease. Especially since the government launched through the Seventh Malaysia Plan health tourism [ 31 ], despite the World Bank stressing that markets can fail because of the peculiarity of health care services [ 32 ]. This is Neha. Thank you! I feel that the government shout makes allies with commercial healthcare facilities and come up with a productive solution which would be useful to both rich and poor in India. We need to see where most of our funds are going, as per studies most of it is spent importing medical equipment, so we need to make efforts to produce them locally.

No doubt they have the latest equipment and highly qualified doctors but it all comes for a price which a common or poor person cannot afford. Received Jan 28; Accepted Nov 6.

Baru 8. We all are well aware of the condition of government hospitals, we find unhygienic environment, unavailability of doctors, there is nobody to take care immediately in cases of accidents and serious injuries, there is lack of infrastructure so the people have no choice except for visiting private hospitals and there we find proper infrastructure and proper health care facilities but they charge a huge amount for the treatment so what is the solution for the poor where they can get proper treatment?

Private sectors provide good facilities and proper treatment but are however costlier than the government hospitals.

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So, with these reasons I think healthcare commercialization is good. People from round the globe are choosing India as there medical destination not because of above facilities mentioned but because they are chaeper than other commercialised hospitals across the world.

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So, finally, I want to say that comm. The government also began to own private hospitals beginning with the Johor Economic Development Corporation, launching the Kumpulan Perubatan Johor KPJ hospital chain, which was established in They never care about nothing rather than money.

In light of the lacuna, there is a need to assess if the increased focus on private hospitals has helped improve the performance and efficiency of public hospitals especially in the developing countries. Instead of commercialization, new technologies should be adopted to enhance our healthcare framework. Though it creates easy access to health facility but ultimately affects negatively since health care is purely a service sector, not the trade or commerce, so I strongly oppose this. It's like that they have to take care of their hospital by their own ways. Also, we come to see many private practice doctors and especially cosmetic surgeons playing with patient's health for money. Though it can improve service delivery in the health care, on the other hand there is some degree of skepticism in this regard as it likely to lead to exploitation of people resources. The shift towards private health services since the early s, among other reasons, was promoted by the Malaysian government to help reduce burgeoning government expenditure and to reduce the pressure on overcrowded public hospitals [ 31 ]. Yes, it is true that the cost of service is high but our life is more important than the cost of medicine. The conceptual analyses of the performance of both sectors have also emerged from the institutional perspective based on ownership structure characteristics. Also, past works have used small and non-representative samples. Also, because this approach has its shortcomings [ 40 ], we have included interviews to compliment the results. R and D : Need for better medicinal solutions, alternative products.

No one should want to give the huge amount of many for small treatment.

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Commercialization of health services: implications for the laboratories.