Characteristics of computer

I may calculate up to 4 decimal places and say that the result is 2. But computer programs can be written in a way so that it takes logical decisions. Related Articles.

Characteristics of computer automation

Accuracy The computers are the accurate machine that can perform large number of tasks without errors, but if we feed wrong data to the computer it returns the same wrong information called GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out. Hence, in addition to speed, the computer provides very high level of accuracy or correctness in computing. Following are the characteristics of computer: Bored of reading texts! Though the program concept many takes can be performed simultaneously, some on foreground and some on background. This is also called main memory of the computer. Computer or any electronic device only understand this language. If not being instructed to do a thing, the computer is nothing but a useless machine. It has no brain for thinking as man can does. Speed of a computer device is very fast as it can perform in a few seconds, the amount of calculation or anything that we are human being can do in an entire year or more. A piece of information once recorded or stored in the computer, can never be forgotten and can be retrieved almost instantaneously. Modern Definition of computers : A computer is an electronic device which is used to perform operation on raw data as per instruction given by user. Among these, mostly the RAM is expandable.

Virus requires a carrier while worms does this by itself. All the Plugged with computer system e. It depends entirely upon you, how much data you want to store in a computer and when to use or retrieve these data.

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No Logical Decision Computer can't think and take decision itself. Windows , Windows vista, Windows etc. From this you can imagine how fast your computer can perform. It takes only few seconds for calculations that we take hours to complete. Generation of the Computer Charlse Babbase is known as father of computer he has invented first analytical computer in year First Generation — You can also store data in secondary storage devices such as floppies and CDs, which can be kept outside your computer and can be carried to other computers. Versatility The capacity of computer of performing more than one task at the same time is called versatility of computer.

However, to get correct output, the input has to be correct too. The capacity of computer of performing more than one task at the same time is called versatility of computer. Any information can be stored and recalled as long as you require it, for any numbers of years.

10 characteristics of computer system

It has no any intelligence quality or thinking power No Feeling: Because computer is only a machine, it has no feeling like human being.

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What are the characteristics of computer?