An introduction to the life of elanor of aquitaine a born leader and the queen of france and the que

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It was also leavened with bardic entertainment, music, song and the verse of troubadours. The king, having scorned royal apparel in favour of a simple pilgrim's tunic, escaped notice, unlike his bodyguards, whose skulls were brutally smashed and limbs severed.

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The Court of Love in Poitiers[ edit ] Palace of Poitiersseat of the counts of Poitou and dukes of Aquitaine in the 10th through 12th centuries, where Eleanor's highly literate and artistic court inspired tales of Courts of Love.

Radegonde became a nun, founded a monastery at Tours and settled at Poitiers. If you find an error please notify us in the comments. She insisted on taking part in the Crusades as the feudal leader of the soldiers from her duchy.

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She was a powerful patron of the arts, and the woman to whom we most owe the evolution of the concept of chivalry. Rather than act as guardian to the duchess and duchy, he decided to marry the duchess to his year-old heir and bring Aquitaine under the control of the French crown, thereby greatly increasing the power and prominence of France and its ruling family, the House of Capet. Early life[ edit ] Eleanor's year of birth is not known precisely: a late 13th-century genealogy of her family listing her as 13 years old in the spring of provides the best evidence that Eleanor was perhaps born as late as Only the water-sellers and the poorest peddlers with a few trinkets on a tray were exempt. An interdict was thereupon imposed upon the king's lands, and Pierre was given refuge by Theobald II, Count of Champagne. We had urgently to show a similar benefit. There's something about Paris She certainly left for her own city of Poitiers immediately after Christmas. Gradually the old Roman vineyards6 were being replanted and new ones brought into production. On 18 May Whit Sunday , eight weeks after her annulment, Eleanor married Henry "without the pomp and ceremony that befitted their rank. By simplifying the complex and broadening the narrow, they spark the imagination. She continued south, crossed the Pyrenees, and travelled through the kingdoms of Navarre and Castile, arriving in Castile before the end of January Her seal of c. Her leader ability is Court of Love.

Eleanor, a shrewd judge of character, chose the lively, self-assured Blanca. Henry the Younger died in after a second failed uprising, and after that, Henry II relaxed some of the restrictions on Eleanor, and she appeared with him at court.

He demanded absolute faith, the sort of faith that brooked no questioning, no original thought.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine