An argument that language is a virus

Derrida Jacques. A virus operates autonomously, without human intervention. A la recherche d'un corps: Langage et silence dans l'oeuvre de William S. The notion of the meme -- coined in by Richard Dawkins to illustrate the field of memetics -- crystallizes this view of the communication process.

As Massumi writes, Deleuze and Guattari understand chaos as a sea of virtuality which beings need to come in contact with in order to evolve. This is the very problem addressed by Csicsery-Ronay when he cites Jameson's skepticism over sf's linguistic aporia. In spite of the riotous dark comedy and starkly innovative character of his writing, Burroughs' reputation has been chiefly as the writer whose book Naked Lunch challenged the conservative mores of post-war America.

language is a virus cut up

Durham: Duke University Press, To illustrate the tricky anti- concept of the BwO, Bukatman resorts to the same passage from Burroughs' Naked Lunch 10 as do Deleuze and Guattari: In his place of total darkness mouth and eyes are one organ that leaps forward to snap with transparent teeth.

As already noted, Burroughs himself shows an intense lack of interest in the human body, which he identifies as a sort of weakness, a foothold for the forces of control.

Burroughs is a key figure in the history of theoretical and textual resistance. Is Control controlled by its need to control? Wayne Pounds uses the routine to establish a notion of the postmodern asshole. Baudrillard, Jean.

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Language is a Virus