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The music which plays from the start, Michael Nyman's 'The Morrow' is so named presumably to draw our attention to 'the morrow': the near future. We are witnessing life out of our own time, and here the familiar suddenly seems unusual.

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The energy of the straight line—of shooting through—is important. Vincent has a strong will and is intelligent, but he also has weaknesses such as being a "faith baby" and needing to wear contact lenses to see clearly. Its hero is a man who challenges the system.

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As we see the protagonist drive out into the world and the music ends, the introduction to his way of life is complete. There is then an extreme close up as he opens a jar and sprinkles its contents — skin, hair and nails — around his work station.

He takes on the identity of Jerome Morrow, a genetically superior person who was a former swimming star paralyzed by a car accident.

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Gattaca: An Analysis