A review of the movie yentl

Unwilling to live without access to education on the basis of sex, Yentl leaves her home and conceals her sex to be able to pursue the scholarly occupation of a Jewish man. I much prefer the more downbeat conclusion to the original which sees Yentl essentially become the Wandering Jew character, enduring the gender crisis that sees her believe she is "neither one sex nor the other" and of having "the soul of a man in the body of a woman" leading her to remain, trapped forever, as her male alter ego Anshel.

A review of the movie yentl

Was this review helpful? The lighting is so odd that in one scene a corner in the left foreground looks ready to burn up the frame. Surprisingly, Irving was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role but I cannot see why. Viewers are led to believe that in the States she can have both study and womanhood. But her musical talents - in fact, all of her talents - have been far better used elsewhere than they are here. But she does look 17, and that's without a lot of trick lighting and funny filters on the lens, too. No audience will ever complain about hearing Miss Streisand sing. Another reason is that although she finds herself in love with Avigdor, she has the strength to leave him behind, in exchange for a freer life in the US. In the scene that has Yentl finally confessing her secret to Avigdor, the light descends unflatteringly from above, perhaps suggesting that a ray of truth is falling on the characters, and perhaps suggesting a studio with a broken window. She remains assertive and defiant, daring to find or to create room for new self-definition and new possibility, without seeking simple or complete resolution to ongoing challenges in her constant thirst for more. Nevertheless, in the s, if a woman dressed as a man, but wore as much makeup as Streisand's character did, and still tried to pass herself off as a man solely because she wore men's clothing, it would have been deemed unacceptable and caused an outrage.

They began by asking what the scene would mean if she were a male, and then they simply played it that way, allowing the ironic emotional commentaries to make themselves.

The movie ends with Avigdor returning to and marrying? Streisand changed Singer's specific ending, in which Yentl wanders off presumably to a different yeshiva to continue her studies and her cross-dressing.

Sign in to vote. There is occasional wine drinking both in social situations and for religious ceremonial purposes.

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Patinkin is warm and personable here, and he and Miss Streisand share some affecting moments. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

For better or worse.

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But who cares. Tweet To give you a notion of the special magic of "Yentl," I'd like to start with the following complicated situation: Yentl, a young Jewish girl, wants to be a scholar. But only boys are allowed to study, so after her father's death she decides to disguise herself as a boy to get in. However, I have enjoyed many of her other features including musicals. The result is that Miss Streisand is always present, while poor Yentl is absent" Jack Rosenthal, the co-writer of this adaptation whom I am a big fan of, described working on the script alongside Streisand thus "Halfway through, I bit the thigh bone of a roast duck in a Chinese restaurant, smashing my molar to fragments inside my gum. The girl's father will not let him marry her. In the film interpretation of the story, Yentl moves on, but this time to the US. At the film's conclusion, Yentl takes this developed, ever-evolving self to America to seek new possibilities and opportunities for discovery. She's embarrassed and looks away. Though there is no actual sexual activity, the "marriage" ceremony performed between Yentl and another young woman is taken seriously by the "bride" and she attempts to make love to her husband, unaware that it is Yentl, a girl. Hollywood told her she was crazy. She is told she must have the "soul of a man" because of her desire to learn. This idea symbolizes a refusal to conform to old-world Jewish standards and instead move "against the authority and authenticity of the Judaic past," which Streisand asserts has "propelled itself so far from the austerity of Talmudic study. He is in love with a local girl. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

But her musical talents - in fact, all of her talents - have been far better used elsewhere than they are here. Yentl's father, Rebbe Mendel Nehemiah Persoffsecretly instructs her in the Talmud despite the proscription of such study by women according to the custom of her community.

It suggests America can potentially alter preexisting Jewish values.

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