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Kenneth Branagh's sumptuous version for Francis Coppola's Zoetrope, the umpteenth cinematic stab at Mary Shelley's story, is a vigorous, entertaining re-telling. Branagh directs the actors to deliver this shitload of exposition in the following irritating manner: talk fast, mug outrageously I swear I caught Branagh biting a knuckle to express grief and swoop through doors, down staircases and around laboratories to give the impression that what you are saying is of breathless importance.

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The story leading up to Frankenstein's desire to create life involves his love affair with Elizabeth Helena Bonham Carterhis sister by adoption.

Branagh hurls characters at us. Want more Rolling Stone?

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In fact, given the tone of this film, humor might easily have seemed an unwelcome intrusion. The creature, although initially showing signs of being a sympathetic and caring soul, quickly learns that the ways of man are harsh and judgmental, so he swears revenge on his creator for bringing him into this world of isolation.

The birth scene plays like a Freudian hellzapoppin.

Mary shelleys frankenstein book review

Kenneth Branagh brought this movie together wonderfully, with both his directing and powerful, memorable acting as the tormented Dr. Branagh's Victor Frankenstein is first seen frosted and furred in the Arctic, gasping out his cautionary tale to obsessed explorer Aidan Quinn, taking us back to his carefree youth, when the Swiss Family Frankenstein were fond of romping round their lovely chateau. Branagh hurls characters at us. Those who know the story can predict the broad outline from here on. Tweet The monster has always been the true subject of the Frankenstein story, and Kenneth Branagh's new retelling understands that. Advertisement This Creature, more than those in any of the earlier films, is acutely aware that in appearance he is a hideous monster. In , Victor was a boy in Geneva.
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Movie Review: 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein'