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This revisitation is what tends to be lost whenever interdisciplinarity is equated with innovation, or when the institutional history of the American university is collapsed under a teleological account. In an attempt to recover some of them, we must revise slightly the larger narrative that Menand unfolds to explain the interdisciplinary aporia. The program, in fact, is not meant for every student, and its highly selective requirements still help ensure today that the pairing of staff to student remains possible. Though the restraints of social class readily subject us to the power of others, these restraints may also, when well understood, provide a springboard for advocacy and direct social action. Each week students will read and critique fiction written by their peers, as well as published work by modern writers. Reading and writing assignments will be handed out as we go. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Oliver Wendell Holmes were the most prominent of the upper-class Brahmins , who filtered their depiction of America through European models and sensibilities. Works may include poetry, memoir, drama, fiction, nonfiction, myth, and other arts. The problem with this common equation between interdisciplinarity and innovation is that it partially obscures the history of interdisciplinarity itself, and the ways, however marginal, in which it has already been instituted.

This created an asynchronicity of sorts between the agenda of historical scholarship and the demands of American literature scholars, whose very legitimacy still depended on proving the greatness of a few national authors that could compare to the figures consecrated in other cultures.

Comparisons may be thematic, theoretical, historical and biographical. ENG Teaching Reading: The Necessary Skills Application of linguistic principles to decoding and comprehension skills and to theories underlying the developmental and the language-experience approaches to teaching reading.

But where the charismatic ideology of American Studies could be found in its loose and scattered genealogy of self-made scholars, here some of their names are brought together in relation to the Harvard program: Matthiessen who served as chairMiller, Leo Marx, and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

If the literature of a certain territory or epoch is considerably below the esthetic par, but valuable as a mirror of contemporary conditions, it belongs to the field of the social historian rather than the literary historian.

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Required for English majors. African-American literature from the beginnings to the Harlem Renaissance of the nineteen twenties. These are particularly compelling in the areas of gender and sexuality. The course will be organized around several questions and problematics including: 1 the relationship between affect theory and psychoanalytic theory; 2 embodied affects; 3 sympathy and empathy as modes of communicating affect and emotion; 4 animal affects; and 5 specific emotional affect and emotional formulations such as melancholia, grief and mourning, shame and humiliation, love and intimacy, and hatred, particularly in relation to traumatic racial histories, the climate crisis, queer identities, and so forth. These include representation, language, reading, authorship, subjectivity, ideology, culture, history and difference. Through reading and discussion of some 20th century novels, it will follow the path travelled by modern man and woman by focusing on cultural evolution and attitudes shaped by social context, especially during the 19th and 20th centuries. Students may not receive credit for both classes. Offered fall semester of odd-numbered years. Classes will alternate between lectures and discussions. Students will understand writing as a tool, and rhetoric as concerned with the production and use of writing in various contexts. Noire Ireland, Corydon. We will attempt to answer the question: how have authors generated emotions, interest, and power in creative texts?

You will have the option of either producing shorter response papers or traditional midterm and final interpretive essays. Should be taken prior to College of Education admission.

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Menand, Louis. Playwrights drew inspiration from European theater but created plays that were uniquely and enduringly American.

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Some of his notable novels are The American The Portrait of a Lady What Maisie Knew The Wings of the Dove The Golden Bowl The Modernist Period to Advances in science and technology in Western countries rapidly intensified at the start of the 20th century and brought about a sense of unprecedented progress. How was it defined, expressed, cultivated, destroyed? Canby, Henry S. Irish Literature. Comparisons may be thematic, theoretical, historical and biographical. Renker, Elizabeth. Despite the impression of many, Victorian culture and practice was often quite queer, with a proliferation of non-normative and perverse genders and sexualities. Typically Offered: Offered by Announcement Only. Students must come to class prepared and willing to discuss these stories.

The aim of this class is to familiarize you with concepts of race, racism, racialized identities, and the problems of representation in literary texts, while providing opportunities for the development of your close-reading, writing, and critical analysis skills through the readings and assignments on the syllabus.

In this writing-intensive introduction to the creative process and techniques of poetry writing, students study works by established writers as models.

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