10 steps to a healthy heart

Watch your portion sizes and add variety to your menu choices. She is currently the medical director for the cardiac care unit at Augusta University Health, and her areas of clinical focus include cardiac intensive care, echocardiography and general cardiology in the in- and outpatient setting.

She is also the proud mother of four beautiful daughters. Now it's time to put your plans into action. If overindulgence is the exception, rather than the rule, you'll balance things out over the long term. This helps ensure that you'll get all of the nutrients your body needs.

When that becomes a breeze, move on to heavier items or join a gym. You should always check with your doctor before you start a new workout plan to ensure your choice of exercise is right for you.

When you walk in a relatively flat shoe, your foot flexes up dorsiflexes when your heel hits the ground and then flexes down plantarflexes as you toe off. Take a minute walk.

how does eating more fiber benefit you

Taking a half-hour walk every day is even better for your physical and mental health. Play with your dog or kids at the park, instead of just watching them.

Looking for career opportunities in the healthcare industry? At Altus Infusion we care about the wellbeing of all patients, which is why we are dedicated to helping raise awareness of the different ways we can improve our health and live longer happier lives.

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10 small steps for a healthier heart